SPOKANE, Wash. -

A mother and her two young children were not in a crosswalk when they were hit by a car Friday evening.

Sarah Burrows remains in critical condition in the hospital. Her daughter, five-year-old Elayna Burrows-Gust, died Saturday morning while her seven-year-old son Evan Burrows-Gust has been released from the hospital.

Police say a driver in a white station wagon hit the mother and her two children around 6:30 Friday evening near the intersection of Monroe and Mansfield. It was dark at the time of the accident and witnesses say it was one of the most shocking things they've ever seen.

"I saw a car hit two babies and a mom and I saw the babies and the mom literally fly in the air," Michelle Lee said.

Police confirmed the family was not using a crosswalk when they attempted to cross the road. Police say traffic lights make the best crossings, then marked crosswalks next, either way it's not the lines that tell drives when to stop.

"Any crosswalk in Spokane cars should be stopping for you," said Sergeant Lydia Taylor with the Spokane Police Department.

Police say when crossing any street, stay off cell phones and pay attention to drivers.

"Make eye contact with the driver and make sure that they see you and that they are slowing down and stopping for you before stepping into the roadway," Taylor said.

Drivers should know if another driver stops in the road you are required to do the same. Also take your time, check for pedestrians and those pedestrians should obey the rules as well.

"There are times when pedestrians have been cited when they are at fault in the collision," Taylor said.

The driver in Friday night's accident has not been cited. The investigation is ongoing.