SPOKANE, Wash. -

Life Center Church officials continue to patch up their damaged church sanctuary as Spokane Police are pressing with their investigation to find the driver who may have intentionally rammed the church.

The crash happened before dawn at the church, located at Government Way and Ft. George Wright Drive in northwest Spokane on Tuesday.

Police said they could find no signs of braking; in fact it looks like the driver positioned himself in the parking lot so he could get up a lot of speed before slamming into the church wall, and where he impacted the building suggests the driver may be familiar with the interior layout.

From the outside it looks like the driver simply chose the path of least resistance, picking a spot with no landscaping to block his path. However, from the inside, the vehicle was steered directly into the sage, taking out band equipment, amplifiers, a very ornate backdrop and then several front row pews.

Church leaders are at a loss to explain why someone could be so destructive.

"Until the police have an opportunity to speak with the driver and find out what they were thinking and what was going on in their life at the time we really won't know," Administrative Poster Blake Folden said.

A surveillance camera inside the church recorded the crash. The headlights withstood the impact and then traced the car's path across the stage and down to the floor. The video is too dark to identify the driver.

The crash could have easily put the sanctuary out of commission but Life Center volunteers are already busy rebuilding the backdrop and making other repairs. While they are concerned about getting temporary repairs in place before services this weekend, Folden said they are also concerned about the driver.

"I think our real first concern is for him. We can fix the building. It's not something we want to do repetitively. But that person is hurting and our community needs to find out why and try to help him," he said.

Life Center leaders said this incident has identified that by design or accident a car could a lot of damage to the church and so they are looking into installing barriers to make sure vehicles can't crash into the building.