SPOKANE, Wash. -

Two men are in custody, suspected of working together to rob a trio of Spokane banks.

When Scott Ruziecky was allegedly robbing banks in local grocery stores, he gave tellers specific orders not to give him exploding dye packs or carefully numbered "bait" money.

Investigators say even though Ruziecki was reportedly a rookie, he handled his alleged heists like a pro because he had received coaching by a convicted bank robber Chuck West.

"He described Mr. West as showing him how to do this and describing bank robberies as very easy and that his chance of getting caught were very low and that robbing banks was an easy way to make money," said Spokane Police Department Lieutenant Mark Griffiths.

But while Ruziecki's alleged robberies went off without a hitch, Spokane police say they spotted Chuck West's getaway car on surveillance video.

"Mr. West and Mr. Ruziecki worked together," Griffiths explained. "Mr. West transported Ruziecki to two of the banks that were robbed so he's also looking at robbery charges for the two banks he was the getaway driver in."

Sheriff's detectives took West into custody, which led investigators to Ruziecki's hiding spot at a friend's house at 6th and Arthur. Police used a SWAT team to take him into custody because of threats Ruziecki had made about firing a weapon at police, but fortunately the standoff ended peacefully.

"The suspect came out of the residence after negotiators made verbal commands for him to come out," said Sergeant Lydia Taylor with Spokane Police. "He came out without incident, without injury."

In court today a judge set bail for Ruziecki at $200,000.