SPOKANE, Wash. -

With extremely cold temperatures in the local forecast many people are looking for some easy and cost effective ways to stay warm, and here are some ways to keep warm without breaking the bank.

It's getting cold in Spokane and this week could see the coldest temperatures so far this year. Temperatures are cold enough to freeze the duck pond at Manito Park, however forecasted temperatures later this week put our high temperatures in the upper teens and overnight that drops down into the single digits.

Many people may already be reaching for the thermostat to turn up the heat, but Kim Kreber, a conservation education coordinator with SNAP, said not to turn it up above 68 degrees.

That is the most cost effective temperature to keep the home, Kreber said.

The easiest way and least expensive is to bundle up by wearing several layers at home. Fuzzy slippers and sweaters help.

You could also spend around $20 on insulation for the home.

"One big one is installing or applying window plastic onto your windows, that really helps," Kreber added.

Another thing people may do to keep warm is turn their space heaters up.

"If they are not in use to definitely unplug them and remember, space heaters are to heat the person not the space," Kreber said.

Also make sure to turn them off at night or when you're away from home.

"They go to sleep, something happens in the night, it malfunctions and causes a fire," said Brian Schaeffer, assistant fire chief with the Spokane Fire Department.

Using that fireplace also sounds enticing when it's cold just remember it's recommended to get them cleaned once a year to avoid chimney fires.

For those that can't afford the higher heating costs at wintertime, Avista said it won't cut the power when temps are forecasted at less than 20 degrees overnight with next day highs around 25.

"That is a guideline that Avista follows but what's most important is working with customers to make sure they never get into that situation," said Avista spokesperson Debbie Simock.