SPOKANE, Wash. -

From the fountain to the carousel Riverfront Park is often refereed to as the crown jewel of Spokane, but that gem could use a good polishing. Now the city is closer to laying down concrete plans to keep Riverfront sparkling.

To make sure park planners are on the same page as park goers the city is asking residents to hop online and answer a few survey questions about the park. You'll have the chance to chime in on a number of things like should the runners be moved to another area of the park or should the city let people climb up into the clock tower.

"This is where it gets a lot more serious because you start working into some of the details but yah, we are close," said Leroy Eadie, director of Spokane Parks and Recreation.

The city adopted phase one of a master plan to improve the park last year and now they are asking residents to weigh in with their suggestions.

"We can kind of look back and see what the citizens are telling us and go, 'Wow, that seems like that matches up well,' or 'Boy, we are way out in left field,'" Eadie said.

Planning info and the short surveys can be found at riverfrontparkmasterplan.org or you can take a survey while you're in the park. Just find one of the stands, take out your smart phone, scan the QR code and it'll take you right to that survey. Watch a quick video, take a quick survey and then tell the city how you want the park to be changed.

Park goer Erica Larson said she would like to see a farmers market in the park along with other events.

"Music, more festivals … utilize a lot of the great spaces here like the amphitheater and different things," said Larson. Larson's daughter just wants the carousel.

"We know the pavilion stays. We're looking at options to be able re-cover the pavilion but we're also thinking about new uses and how the pavilion is used," Eadie said.

Aside from upgrades like better water, sewer and electricity, the city said they're looking to stay close to the original master plan and help keep Spokane's front yard picture perfect.

The Parks Department hopes to approve a master plan by the spring of 2014 and then they'll start putting a price tag on the project.