SPOKANE, Wash. -

The personal fight against breast cancer can leave a women feeling less than woman-like but one local business is doing its part to change that.

For women battling breast cancer, getting to the salon isn't always easy and it isn't always affordable but feeling beautiful as a woman is extremely important. So, six years ago, the owner of Shear Attitude Salon created “Pamper Yourself Pink” and in that time it has changed hundreds of lives and made that struggle a little easier.

Tammy Reams knows that struggle and took on this cause because of her personal experience. Both her and her mother are breast cancer survivors.

“It’s rough. I had six surgeries in a period of nine months and it’s hard," she said.

After surgery and chemotherapy feeling beautiful isn't always easy.

“It gets taken away and it makes you feel ugly and so just being able to go in and say ‘I don't feel very beautiful today can I have a facial,’" she said.

For three days in October, Tammy offers free services at her salon to women currently fighting breast cancer. In the six years she's been doing this the number of women her salon helps has grown incredibly

"They have outgrown us. We are not able to service all of them by ourselves, and I don’t think this is a by myself thing, this isn't about Shear Attitude, this isn't about Tammy Reams," she said.

Reams is hoping other salons in Spokane will see the difference “Pamper Yourself Pink” can make and join her effort

“We're not looking to help them in their fight, we're looking to fight with them and be victorious in their fight," she said.