PALOUSE, Wash. -

The search for a missing kayaker in Palouse, Washington is over after police say they found the body of 54-year-old Alison Webb Friday morning.

Palouse Police say Webb put her kayak in the water around 2:45 p.m. Thursday. Her body was found approximately two miles down river. Her dog was there when the police showed up still barking and police say it was likely that dog was with her all night long.

In a town of 1,000 people, it's said Alison Webb knew one thousand and one..

"She'll be greatly missed around here," said fellow council member Rick Wekenman.

Neighbors say the 54-year-old city council member moved to Palouse about three years ago and immediately fit in. She stared working at the local food market and for the last year and a half sat on the city council.

"She knew a lot about the people in this town and we just were getting to know here even better and it's just a shame to lose somebody like that," said Wekenman.

Wekenman said Webb was a cancer survivor and when she set her mind to something she did it to the fullest.

"She'd taken up this interest in kayaking fairly recently, in the last couple of years," said Wekenman.

That interest put her out on the river almost every sunny day, including Thursday when she put her kayak in the water about four miles east of town. By 8 p.m. she was reported missing.

A Fairchild rescue helicopter found her upturned kayak Friday morning and her body was 50 yards away, her dog still by her side barking when police arrived.

"It's just a shame to lose somebody to such a tragedy like this," said Wekenman.

Police say right now it looks like a tragic accident. People who knew her said at least in this situation, there is a silver lining, she died doing something she loved.