On Tuesday, a donation center sprung up at Wellpinit High School, with people sharing generously for those who lost everything to the Cayuse Mountain Fire. By Wednesday, the center's size had doubled.

In less than 24 hours thousands of dollars worth of items were dropped off along with tens of thousands of dollars in cash to help residents displaced by the fire.

“It's overwhelming to see the generosity that everybody ... and it's coming from everywhere,” Anette McCoy said.

Those donations pouring in from people who aren't even part of this community, including the Muckletshoot Tribe, who dropped several large donations Wednesday.

Keep in mind, this community effort all started with a single idea posted to Facebook.

“Posted some things on social media ... and things started to come in,” Joni Scott said Tuesday.

Items including the basic necessities a godsend for people like Anette McCoy. Her best friend and his children lost everything they owned to the fire.

“It's awesome to know that this isn't something he's going to have to worry about,” she said.

While he begins the process of rebuilding she says she's going to be there for him every step of the way, even when she has her own home to be concerned about.

“It's not far from our house, it's a couple miles. We're all packed up and ready to go too, but we still step in and help out where we need to,” McCoy said.

The donation center remains at Wellpinit High School for anyone in the area who's in need in the wake of the fire.