OTHELLO, Wash. -

An attorney for the boy sexually abused by a teacher plans to sue the Othello School District for allegedly failing to protect the child.

On Monday, 48-year-old Lisa Davis pleaded guilty to first degree child molestation.  Davis, who taught at Scootney Springs Elementary School, touched the 10-year-old's genitals and allowed the boy to touch her breasts.  The abused happened several times between April and May of 2013.

Ryan Earl, an attorney representing the victim and his family, sent a notice of intent to file a claim to the school district in August.  Earl said he intends to file a lawsuit in the near future.

He said he will be asking for one million dollars in compensation.  But he added it's not just about the money.

"And I think we'd like change and awareness to the situation where small communities if you will, small school districts aren't immune to this type of behavior," said Ryan Earl.

"And there needs to be some type of policy, procedure, method for not only discovering this type of stuff but also disclosing it so people can feel comfortable.  If they feel there is a problem or an issue that they've got a place to go and disclose it," he said.

KXLY was unable to reach the Othello School District for comment.

"We're working for a child here and I'm not sure you can replace or undo what's done, but we're trying to put him in a better situation," Earl added.