SPOKANE, Wash. -

Spokane police are investigating a drive-by shooting that may have got its start with someone flicking their car's high beam head lights on and off.

The shooting happened at the intersection of Standard Street and Cozza Drive near Friendship Park at about 10 p.m. on Monday.

Police think this shooting may be gang-related in part because the head-light flashing is supposedly part of a gang initiation. You're supposed to shoot the first person who objects to you having your high beams on. Also, some of the players in the shooting are associated with gangs.

One Spokane family is shaken up by the shooting, partly because some of the fired bullets narrowly missed their baby's bedroom.

“[I] was getting ready to head to bed and we heard it,” said Melissa Kuntzman, mother of the aforementioned baby. “I mean I heard five shots very loudly.”

Kuntzman and her husband, Travis, surveyed the damage to their property on Tuesday morning.

“So my husband walked out the side door, saw that my car was missing windows that had been shot through, I'm sure he made his way up here at that time and saw that his truck had been shot as well,” Melissa said.

Witnesses say two young men were walking down the sidewalk when a car pulled up. A passenger stepped out and starting firing.

One of the Kuntzmann's neighbors rushed to help the victim.

“I looked out the window and saw two gentlemen, actually I ran to see my daughter first, to make sure she was OK and then looked out the window and saw two gentlemen standing on that corner,” Melissa said. “One was leaning down on the ground, and the other was our neighbor.”

Today the shooting victim's father told us his son had suffered a through and through gunshot wound above his hip.

The Kuntzmans say at least two of the bullets intended for the teen whizzed by their daughter's bedroom.

“We just didn't sleep last night, she didn't sleep in her room,” Melissa said. “We set up camp in the living room because it's a little more secure. It's away from the street. It was too close for comfort, it really was. It honestly makes me not want to live in the neighborhood I love.”

Today detectives were still recovering the nine millimeter slugs that tore through Travis Kuntzmann's truck.

“You move from Hillyard to here thinking you're safer and then something like this happens and you start second guessing,” Travis said.

The family is angry their baby was in danger because of gang activity in nearby Friendship Park.

“It's just a lack of care,” Melissa said. “They don't care what they are doing or how they're affecting other anybody else.”

Spokane's city-county gang unit was called to the scene last night and is now trying to figure out which group was involved.

The 16-year-old gunshot victim expected to recover from his injuries.