SPOKANE, Wash. -

Most charity money is typically used for services, not for siding and soft lighting. However, it's because Transitions needed upgrades that helped it win a national contest called "Design for a Difference."

Designers from around the country are in Spokane to rebuild a part of Transitions, a non-profit focused on helping homeless women and children.

"A local designer can nominate a local charity and in doing so they come up with an idea for a space they would love to make over," said Mark Brunetz, International Spokesman for Design for a Difference.

It was a surprise to Transitions Development Director Mary Tracey when the non-profit won $20,000 to spend on a renovation.

"I can't believe it, but we won a national contest to redo our community room which will make such an impact for those families."

The room will be serve as a brand new community area in transitional housing for 16 homeless women and their 35 kids.

"It wasn't really a good place to do any education, and there was definitely nothing for kids," Tracey said. "There was no kid-sized furniture. No place where teens could do their homework."

Now they'll have those things, thanks in part to Gina's Design Center in downtown Spokane. Gina nominated Transitions in the contest. Since they won Gina wins the ability to give back.

"Supplying all of the product and some of the local labor to make this work," Gina Cook said.

The community room will have new furniture, games, and space for the women and children. Space to have fun, play, relax, and heal.

"What this room will really do, can't be overstated. It'll really help change their view of what the world can be, not just a community room," Tracey said.

The room will be revealed Monday afternoon to the residents at Transitions.