Spokane, Wash. -

Monroe Street has long been home to antique shops offering a glimpse into the past.  Friday morning, a new vintage shop opened that aims to give people new ideas to decorate their homes.

The 1889 Salvage Company at 2209 north Monroe street is the brain child of Gina Campbell and her creative partner Jamie Flanery.

"It's in a district where people are looking for this kind of thing and it's a transitional neighborhood where there's a lot of things going on," said Campbell, sitting in a vintage chair in the middle of the shop. 

The location was the sight of another antique store but Campbell wanted something fresh, something different.  So, in this case, it was out with the old, and in with... the old.

"It appeals to my sort of  frugal, recycling, environmental nature," Said Campbell. "You're reusing things that look like they've already had their life but with a little love they can come back."

The store is bright and cheery.  Creative displays give life to the walls and every corner of the store.

"We want to give people fresh ideas about how to re-purpose items," said Campbell.  The coffee table sitting in front of her once served as steamer trunk. Its days of carrying clothes have long been over.  In Campbell's eyes, it will now be a cozy place to set a mug of hot coffee.

"It just has a spirit and a soul that I love.  New stuff just doesn't do it for me," said Campbell.

Even the name of the store borrows from Spokane's past.

"1889 was the year of Spokane's famous fire," Said Campbell. "That was a time when the city grew out of the ashes and we are hoping to keep Spokane growing by using vintage items."

One of the goals of the shop is to be a part of changing a neighborhood, from one in which drivers speed by, to one where people hang out and invest in their community.

"Spokane is getting to be known for its cute neighborhoods," said Campbell.  "Why can't this be one."

The store celebrates its grand opening Saturday.