SPOKANE, Wash. -

A pre-check program coming to the Spokane International Airport this year means you can leave your shoes on and your laptop in its bag the next time you go through security.

For $85, you can be a part of the program for five years, provided you pass a background check, submit your fingerprints and prove your US citizenship.

Right now the pre-screening program is in place at 40 airports. The TSA plans to expand that to 100, including Spokane International.

If you're a frequent flier, your airline will contact you to sign up. Or you can contact the TSA directly and start the application process right now.

Once you're approved you can enjoy perks like leaving your shoes, jacket and belt on. And you don't have to unpack electronics or dump out liquids. Your boarding pass will also come with a special mark, giving you access to the expedited security line.

Larry Krauter with Spokane International Airport hopes to have the program in place before the holidays.

"I think the real win in this announcement is that not only will we have pre-check in terminal C, we'll have it in A and B as well. I think it's really a very significant expansion, much more than the airport industry expected to get from TSA," he said.

Critics of the program feat someone with a clean record but bad intentions will abuse the system and put other passengers at risk, but the TSA insists the program improves security by focusing its efforts on passengers it doesn't know a lot about.

The TSA also said that just because you're approved for the program, you will not be exempt from random checks.