New cancer facility opens in Spokane Valley

Published On: Sep 26 2013 06:42:38 PM PDT
New cancer facility opens in Spokane Valley

A state-of-the-art cancer facility in Spokane Valley just opened its doors. The goal: to provide comprehensive cancer care in a soothing environment.

The 22,000 square foot facility is located at 13424 E. Mission Ave. The building is warm and inviting starting right when you come into the lobby.

"Nobody likes to hear the word…"C," patient Erik Bodholt said.

Erik Bodholt is a jolly fellow battling a horrible disease.

"It's always a shock to you and your family as well," Bodholt said.

Bodholt has lymphoma. He's getting treatment at the new Spokane Valley Cancer Center.

"They explain everything to you in detail... That's going to take place... Which kind of makes you feel better when you are going through unknown territory," Bodholt said.

Raj Rajendra is a medical oncologist at the center.

"The goal of the facility is to bring not only treatment, but care," Rajendra said.

From consulting to chemo to radiation treatments... It's all housed under one roof.

"We are able to bring a complete cancer care facility to the patient, rather than them having to go to more than one place," said Dr. Karie-Lynn Kelly.

The center has state of the art, cancer-fighting equipment, such as "cyber-knives"

"It's a very precise method of delivering high doses of radiation therapy such that we are ablating the therapy, almost like we are cutting it out, surgery without the knife," Dr. Kelly said.

There is also the true beam: an innovative radiation therapy machine.

In between treatments, patients like Bodholt can relax at the healing garden.

Bodholt doesn't want this place to be his permanent home away from home, but for now it's okay.

"I'm pleased to be here... And when I get out of here... I will be more pleased," Bodholt said.

The center also offers massage therapy and nutrition counseling to patients.

They accept all major insurance and if you don't have insurance they can still work with you.