SPOKANE, Wash. -

The City of Spokane is planning a full overhaul of the mile-long stretch of N. Monroe between Shannon and Cora.

There's no way to avoid the pain that goes along with road construction. Businesses rely heavily on ease of access to accommodate their customers, so it's natural for them to be very concerned about construction.

Over 59 years, Dan's barber shop has seen a lot of changes.

Now the city plans to make some major changes to the road. Johannah Flambouras doesn't agree with the plans.

'They're talking about a long stretch here,” said Flambouras.

To make a 1.12 mile stretch of N. Monroe safer, the city plans to cut down the five lines to three and add features to make it more pedestrian friendly.

'The youngsters in the neighborhood are for it," said Flambouras.

The plan needs work, Flambouras says. Just a trim.

“A few roundabouts, some cross walk lights, some flashing lights," said Flambouras.

Others are standing up for the project.

'It'll bring in new businesses,” said Carol Byrnes, owner of Diamonds in the Ruff dog training school, “it'll slow people down. If you're not worried about who's in the lane next to you and who's going to turn you can actually look at signs.”

Byrnes says it's important to look to the future, even during construction.

“It's not like we're going to be shut off from the universe," said Byrnes.

The $4.7 million project is funded by traffic safety grants from the state and feds. Which means there's no way around cutting lanes without giving that money back. Other options are debatable as is the construction schedule. Bad news for some.

“It'd be sad, sad to see this place shut down," said Flambouras.

Encouraging for others.

"I'm loving it. I'm loving it," said Byrnes.

The project isn't scheduled to start until 2018. The city says it wants to work with the businesses in the area to be as least intrusive as possible. There's an open meeting Thursday at Spokane City Hall at 7:30 a.m. to talk about the public transit side of this project.