SPOKANE, Wash. -

A south Spokane County man died Tuesday as the result of multiple chop wounds to the head and stab wounds about the chest and abdomen, the Spokane County medical examiner confirmed Thursday.

Bob Tester, 35, was killed in his home on South Keeney Road early Tuesday morning by an unidentified suspect who, according to Tester's daughter, was armed with a sword and a knife.

A search warrant said the daughter was sleeping in the same bed as her father and that "the man told her to stay in bed because he was going to kill her dad."

When authorities arrived at the home, alerted after the daughter called her grandmother, deputies found Tester dead in the living room surrounded by a pool of blood and a splitting maul with blood stains on it.

So far no persons of interest have been named in Tester's killing but court documents reference a recent Facebook post where he discussed issues he's been having with someone who he said was once like a brother.

Tester was the nephew of US Senator Jon Tester, the senior senator from Montana.