SPOKANE, Wash. -

A group of women want the issue of whether or not bikini baristas should wear more clothes in Spokane city limits to go to the voters.

The ordinance being drafted by a group of Spokane moms is similar to one the Spokane City Council voted down 4-2. This time the supporters of the ordinance are hoping voters and not the city council decide whether the baristas have to cover up

"If they were just wearing a bikini it wouldn't be such an issue, but it's not. It's nearly nude," Hilary Van Akin, who helped draft the ordinance, said. "There's a certain standard of decency and we really would like that to be met everywhere."

Right now the city's municipal code only prohibits lewd conduct, but doesn't address what body parts can and cannot by shown in public, making it possible for coffee stands like Bare Beans have baristas serve coffee in lingerie.

"Both of us have driven by the stands unknowingly and our children were exposed to half naked, naked women," Kimberly Curry, who also helped draft the ordinance, said.

For Bare Beans owner Sarah Birnel, this ordinance if sent to the voters, would impact her business.

"Obviously I don't want to be forced to cover up more," Birnel said. "I would prefer that the rights we have in place now, stay in place."

Birnel said she's willing to accept the changes in the municipal code if that's what the majority of the people want.

"I'd rather it not be seven people who are voted into council making the decision," she said.

Birnel has talked with the group of women who drafted the ordinance because of her business. She just hopes the final outcome is in her favor.

"Obviously, we disagree on that, but we both agree that the people should decide," Curry said.