A mother desperate to know what happened to her missing son is now taking matters into her own hands.
On Saturday, more than a dozen friends and family gathered along Sprague Lake to search for 11-year old Cody Haynes.
Haynes disappeared from his dad's home in Kittitas, near Ellensburg in 2004.  Reports indicate his dad and dad's girlfriend were the last people to see him alive at their home.

"I don't think Cody walked out of there on his own accord," said Cody's mom, Lisa Doney.
Cody's disappearance is still an open and active investigation.
"Apparently law enforcement doesn't have enough to make an arrest yet. I guess they are looking for the smoking gun, so we're out here pushing for the smoking gun," Doney added.
Since Cody disappeared, Doney has been doing her own digging,  trying to piece together the mystery.
Doney said they are searching Sprague Lake because several tips pointed her to the area.
She said a farmer found a piece of a blanket in his field near Sprague Lake soon after Cody went missing.  Doney said when investigators showed her daughter the blanket, she recognized it as one from her dad's home.
Doney doesn't believe her son is alive.  But, she is hopeful there will be justice for his disappearance.  She plans to search different areas throughout eastern Washington this summer.
"Everyone needs closure and we are not stopping until we get it," said Doney
The search for Cody coincides with National Missing Children's Day.  In Washington alone, there are 69 active missing children cases.
If you have any information about Cody's disappearance call the Kittitas Sheriff's Office at (509) 962-7525 or email Doney at truthforcody@yahoo.com.