SPOKANE, Wash. -

The mother of three boys helped sheriff's deputies crack the case of who stole 58 Apple MacBook Air laptops from Evergreen Elementary School earlier this week.

On Tuesday, Sheriff's Deputy Jeff Rogers responded to Evergreen Elementary on a burglary call. A school employee reported the janitor had gotten several alarm calls late Monday night and early Tuesday morning. The janitor responded to the first alarm, found nothing was amiss, and when the second alarm sounded the alarm company couldn't hear anything inside the school and decided not to respond.

Later that morning school officials discovered 58 laptops had been stolen, with an estimated value of $69,000.

During the course of the investigation, Rogers was looking through service calls for Monday night and found a call for missing children from a home near the school. The deputy interviewed the three boys, ages 15, 14 and 8 and they denied having any information about the theft.

After Rogers left the home, the mother of the boys called him back and asked him to return to the home, which is when the boys confessed to stealing the laptops. Fifty-two of the 58 computers were recovered.

Rogers is still working to determine where the remaining six laptops are; there is an additional suspect that Rogers has not contacted yet.

Criminal charges will be forwarded to the juvenile prosecutor.