Every year, hundreds of veterans across the country die alone, and in Medical Lake Thursday a ceremony was held at the Washington State Veterans Cemetery to honor those fallen service members.

Funerals are an emotional time; it's a chance to remember and send a loved one on their way.

For 50 souls, they were never given that rest until Thursday. Funeral homes and medical examiners from around the state work to give these lost men and women a proper burial, an honor many of their friends received.

Margaret and Al Ogram drove from Post Falls for the ceremony, not because they had to -- they didn't know any of the deceased -- but because it just felt right.

"These people had no families to come, so we came on their behalf," Al Ogram, a US Army veteran, explained.

Each veteran's remains were placed at the cemetery, resting now next to their comrades.

Funerals can be sad, but many of the people at the service Thursday were happy and honored to finally lay the 50 lost men and women to rest.

More than 31 medical examiner offices and funeral homes made Thursday possible along with all branches of the military, while the state and the VA paid for their headstones.