SPOKANE, Wash. -

A Spokane man has been arrested for robbing four McDonald's restaurants around the region after he was recognized during his last robbery as a McDonald's employee.

Spokane County Sheriff's Detective Kirk Keyser arrested Sean Martin, 23, of Spokane on Thursday for the armed robbery of a McDonald's in Cheney. Following that robbery, Martin was recognized by an employee as he had worked at several McDonald's restaurants over the last several years.

After the robbery, detectives in Cheney conducted surveillance on his home and interviewed witnesses, which led to a positive identification of Martin.

After his arrest, Martin confessed to robbing four McDonald's franchises, including the one in Cheney on May 21, two franchises in the Spokane area on May 3 and May 14, and another robbery of the Colville McDonald's in September 2012.

A search warrant executed at his home yielded cash, guns and the disguise Martin had used in the robberies.

Martin is currently being held at the Spokane County Jail for the three Spokane County robberies.