SPOKANE, Wash. -

Recent polls show Americans are overwhelmingly opposed to attacking Syria, and that opposition carries over to here in Spokane where most people are against armed military conflict of any sort with Syria.

A new ABC News poll shows 64 percent of Americans oppose air strikes. If Congress rejects action, opposition grows to 76 percent. Here in Spokane, many people are against any sort of military strike, sharing the same views as those polls, and citing Iraq and Afghanistan in their comments.

Kareem Arafa is from Egypt and said while he's against a military option he did say that Syrian President Bashar Assad's regime needs to be stopped.

"It's immoral to just stand there silent but we have to be, as America, be hyper-vigilant, on how much we do interfere this time," Arafa said.

No one could give a definitive answer on what to do about Syria; they were simply against a military strike from the air or from the ground. They do not want American troops in harm's way or a never-ending operation.

"I think we already have so many military operations, another one would just strain us that (much) more. I think there are other actions we could do as a country to show that that type of things are not things we approve of," Thom Williams said.

"They shouldn't be part of it; they should just hold off and let them take care of themselves. Let them work it out," Karin Morris said.

On the other hand, many hope a diplomatic solution can be achieved.

"We have to try to do something. If it doesn't work at least we tried," Murray Gen said.

"How we handle that, that's the tough question and I'm looking forward to how the administration is going to handle that," Arafa said.