SPOKANE, Wash. -

From hiking to biking, fishing and camping, Riverside State Park offers the best of Spokane when it comes to the outdoors.  Thursday morning one man's hike was more of a pilgrimage, a walk back in time.

For as long as he can remember, Jim Pivarnik has looked at a photograph of his mother and sister sitting on a rock along the Spokane River.  It was taken by Jim's dad in August of 1951.

"My mother was suspicious when I asked her about it, " said Pivarnik. "She said yeah, that's when we were pregnant with you."

Jim was born nine months after the picture was taken.  Within a year, the Air Force family moved away from the Lilac City.  Jim never returned to his hometown.

64 years has taken Jim a long way from Spokane.  He is now a professor at Michigan State University.  Through all the miles and years, that picture, that rock stayed in his mind.

"I have a student now teaching at Washington State University and we were going to come out and see him. I though, wouldn't that be neat if we could somehow find that rock." Said Pivarnik.

He reached out Spokane's Historic Preservation Officer and with the help the History Buffs Facebook page, the rock was located.

Thursday morning, Jim and his wife Linda walked downstream from the Bowl and Pitcher, and found the rock for themselves, right where his mom and sister left it.

"It's special because my whole family was here and I was just becoming part of it." Said Pivarnik.

Jim sat on the rock.  He surveyed the area.  He listened.  He remembered.

"Now I think it's kind of a complete cycle sort of thing. That I'm now an adult in the same spot where they were," said Pivarnik. "My parents are no longer with us, but I think they are here today."