SPOKANE, Wash. -

Spokane County Sheriff's Deputies arrested a man for allegedly taking a picture of a teenager as she used the bathroom in Greenacres Park. Now, investigators are saying the teen's quick thinking allowed them to catch that suspect red-handed.

Since the restrooms at Greenacres Park are clearly labeled as male and female, detectives say there is no way Garry Davis can say he mistakenly ended up on the woman's side.

Davis reportedly waited more than an hour to capture an image of his victim.

That 17-year-old told authorities it was the second time she had used the restroom in the park the day. The first time nothing happened, but she noticed a black jacket hanging over one of the stall doors.

An hour later, when she returned, the jacket was still there and then when she sat down she saw a flash and heard the click of a cell phone.

“She had this situation happen, she understood what was going on was able to provide a great description, which in turn helped our investigation,” said Deputy Mark Gregory of the Spokane County Sheriff's Office.

The victim told her parents. who in turn called 911; dispatchers sent the nearest deputies.

The alleged victim was not able to tell arriving deputies much about the person who allegedly took a picture of her, other than he was wearing dark shoes and pants. When deputies pulled Davis out of the restroom, that is exactly what he had on.

“With the information she was able to provide, and the quick thinking our her parents, we were able to contact the individual, still right at the scene and we able to take him into custody,” Deputy Gregory said.

The suspect, Garry L. Davis is currently in jail after his bond was set at $50,000.

Investigators will now forensically search Davis' cell phone to see if they can find the picture of the victim. However, they are concerned about other victims. Anyone who used the restroom Greenacres Park on September 5ht is asked to contact the Spokane County Sheriff's Office.