SPOKANE, Wash. -

A garbage truck driver discovered a couple sleeping in a dumpster when he picked it up and heard them screaming from inside.

The man and woman were asleep in a dumpster near the intersection of 2nd and Sherman in Spokane when it was picked up by a garbage truck Tuesday morning.

The driver of the Waste Management truck heard the couple screaming and pulled over immediately.

"Climbed up on the side of the garbage truck, looked inside, there were two people inside that had been sleeping in the dumpster," Deputy Fire Chief Dave Leavenworth said.

Leavenworth added this problem is somewhat common across the country.

"You hear about this several times a year around the United States, people do get injured and some are fatally injured in accidents just like this," he explained.

The fact that the truck was mostly empty at the time of the incident may have saved the couple's lives.

"Luckily he had just started his route, there wasn't a lot of debris in the truck and he had run the compacter one time and because there wasn't a lot of debris in there essentially they were uninjured," Leavenworth said.

The man was injured when he was dropped from the dumpster into the truck and he was treated for minor injuries. The woman he was with was also taken to Sacred Heart Medical Center along with him as a precaution.