SPOKANE, Wash. -

It is not just businesses on the Lincoln/Monroe corridor that are feeling the affects of construction.

Main Avenue is about to get a big makeover, too.

Next week, the City of Spokane will start construction on its Main Avenue Streetscape Project that will add parking and create what it calls a "rambla," a more pedestrian oriented stretch of Main Avenue.

Businesses in the area tell KXLY they are supportive of the plan, but worry about their bottom lines during the process.

"I generally think it's a great project," said Megan White, the general manager at Main Market. "I think this block has grown a ton in the last five years plus, and the parking is desperately needed."

The City says the streetscape design aims to promote "vibrancy through flexible streetscape elements."

"It's really designed to slow the street down and make it a pedestrian friendly, bike friendly environment," said Louis Mueler, a city planner working on the project, "but we also get additional parking which the businesses have requested."

During the weekday, the middle two lanes will be used for diagonal car parking. During special events, those lanes can serve as a gathering area.

Businesses in the area say it will be a big improvement

"I'm really looking forward to the end project because it's going to be gorgeous and beautiful," said Shahrokh Nikfar, the owner of Mediterrano and Caffe Affogato.

But like many businesses downtown, this area has been dealing with road construction all summer, and it has taken a toll.

"Construction has certainly had an impact on sales," said White.

"Being a new business, I was hoping to finally break even this summer," Nikfar said. "We were getting very close to it and then the construction started and it really affected us negatively."

Main Market and Mediterrano worry another construction project will put a strain on business.

But, overall, they say they're excited for this project and how it will change the future of the block.

"I think it might be a challenge to get used to, [but] I think it's a great model, a great solution," White said.

"I think it's going to make this area more walkable," Nikfar said, "a place that people can come and hang out."

This project is a pilot for the city, and the city says it could serve as a model for future streets.

The project will start on Sept. 12, and the city says it should take no longer than 5 weeks. The project will cost about $160,000.