Hundreds of firefighters, many of them working around the clock, far from home, need a support base working off the fire lines to provide them everything they need so they can focus on the fight in front of them.

Over at the Hart Road Fire, firefighters are camping out at Davenport Elementary School. All of those firefighters not only need a place to crash when they get off the lines, but also need water to stay hydrated and food to keep them going.

That's where people like Logistics Chief Max Yager come in.

“We basically, within 24 hours, set up a city,” Yager said.

A small city is certainly what's needed when all these firefighters finally get a break from battling flames all day. The Davenport Elementary School has to serve as a home away from home for the 250 firefighters who are expected to spend the night.

“Having coffee, having food, having a quiet place to sleep. Those things are really important 'cause they're working so hard out on the line,” Yager said.

That food comes from the Washington Department of Natural Resources, who will be working hard to make sure everyone gets a hot meal.

“A state kitchen is coming here and setting up and they'll have breakfast ready for about 250 people tomorrow morning,” Yager said.

And when you have hundreds of men and women putting their lives on the line for our safety making them feel at home is just a small way to say thank you.

“Morale is huge when you're away from home and you're working long hours and it's hot and you're dusty,” Yager said.