SPOKANE, Wash. -

Several Logan neighborhood residents have received some unwelcome visits from two pythons that keep escaping from their owner's nearby home. Police have been contacted several times about the roaming snakes but their owner said there's nothing to fear.

Andrew Ryan thinks dogs and cats are run of the mill, so his pets are a little bit different.

“I've got an 11-foot long Burmese Python named Stormy and a seven-foot long male Burmese Python named Lightning,” he said.

He keeps and breeds these pythons in his Logan neighborhood home. To him they're just as normal as any other pet.

“I can give them a kiss, and they're not bothered by it,” he said.

His neighbors don't consider them normal. They consider them a nuisance. The snakes have slithered out of Ryan's home three times this summer and some neighbors have had enough.

“It's really creepy to come out and see something like that in your yard,” neighbor Joanna Dalton said.

The snakes aren't currently contained in a tank so when the windows are open in the summer, they slip right out.

“He's told me many times that they're in a room by themselves and they just push the screen out the window and then they drop,” Dalton said.

Even the police have gotten involved.

“I basically have retrieved my snakes twice because of police calling me and alerting me to where my snakes were,” Ryan said.

Some neighbors fear for their safety or the safety of their pets but Ryan wants them to know they have nothing to worry about.

“There is absolutely no chance that a human or a dog or cat would get bitten by one of my snakes,” Ryan said.

Regardless, a nuisance report has been filed and Ryan has 10 days to improve the situation or he'll be cited. SCRAPS has also been contacted. If the snakes' lack of containment causes danger to them, Ryan could face another citation under Washington state law as well.