SPOKANE, Wash. -

Some residents in the Logan neighborhood aren't happy with a new McDonald's franchise being built just north of the Hamilton - Mission intersection that will be a drive-thru only restaurant.

Residents aren't opposed to McDonalds, just the chain's design concept for the new franchise, so now the Logan Neighborhood Council wants the chain to alter their construction plans for the restaurant, slated to open in June.

"It would be hugely disappointing if they didn't work with us to redesign it," Karen Byrd with the Logan Neighborhood Council said.

The chief concern is that the franchise is not pedestrian friendly. Byrd said the plan doesn't work well with the neighborhood's vision.

"There is a walk up window on the back side, pedestrians would have to walk up two driveways to reach a pedestrian walk-up window," Byrd explained.

Byrd said the current plan will also add more traffic to residential streets.

Spokane City Councilmember Amber Waldref also expressed concerns about the design, asking the fast food chain to change their franchise design plans.

"Please be a good neighbor and work with the neighborhood like every developer has, we would like you to build it up to the sidewalks so folks can access the building in a safe way," Waldref said.

The City of Spokane said it tried to work with the chain to see if they could alter the design concepts to be more pedestrian-oriented but McDonald's said no.

"After going through that permitting process, they came back with their plans and it still involved the drive-thru, they met with the permitting codes so the city therefore had to move forward with the approval," City spokesperson Julie Happy said.

On Tuesday Byrd and Waldref plan to meet with representatives from McDonald's to see if a compromise can be reached on the design.

"We are appealing to them again, to be a good neighbor to work with us," Byrd said.

McDonald's has not returned requests for comment on this story.

The Logan neighborhood, meanwhile, is working on updating codes that, if passed by the city council, would require businesses in this area to build up to the street to promote a more active streetscape.