Airway Heights, Wash. -

Firefighters say the wildfire season could get worse, before it gets better. In the West Plains Sunday morning, Spokane County Fire District 10 responded to a two acre brush fire near Newkirk and Lyons at 11:15 a.m.

"On a low (risk) day you'd only see two trucks out here," Chief Scharff said.

Chief Nick Scharff said during a red flag warning, which expires at 11 p.m. Sunday, they'll sometimes send extra crews because the danger of a fire breaking out is greater. He says the brush fire started when a lightning bolt hit a tree Saturday night, splitting off some of the branches. The flames didn't grow until the morning.

"We're dumping several resources trying to get out and mitigate and capture it at the smallest possible size when something ignites," Chief Scharff said.

Chief Scharff says it's been a relatively slow fire season for most of the Inland Northwest.

"The Spokane area itself has gotten pretty lucky, but we are very prime for an active season. It's shaping up to be a little more active now that things have dried out a little more."

SCFD 10 fought the 50 acre Bluebird fire on July 29th. It is the largest brush fire in the county so far this season.

Scharff says even though it's nearly mid-August, fire season is far from over.

It was this time last year when a large fire by Elmer City torched more than 11,000 acres near Grand Coulee. Then, the Barker Canyon fire in September ripped through almost 80,000 acres.

Fires to learn from, and prepare for.

"All it takes is a spark in an area anywhere in Spokane county and it causes havoc," Chief Scharff said.