SPOKANE, Wash. -

Four men are suing the Boy Scouts and the Mormon church because they claim they were sexually abused during scouting activities in Idaho.

Two of the men now live in Washington while the other two live in Idaho.

This lawsuit claims both the boy scouts and the LDS church knowingly allowed scout leaders to continue their leadership roles after being accused of child molestation.

The attorney for the plaintiffs, Gilion Dumas, said Tuesday three of the men were abused by scout leaders on camping trips sponsored by the LDS church.

The lawsuit claims the Boy Scouts misled families for decades by covering up the known danger of sexual molesters targeting scouting to obtain access to victims.

Dumas said even though the Boy Scouts of America was keeping files on volunteers accused of sexual misconduct with children she claims the organization intentionally chose to keep this information hidden from parents, and sponsoring organizations.

"And particularly the families of the boys and the troops didn't know that there was a danger and that they could take common sense steps to protect their children. And that's the whole basis of our fraud theory," Dumas said.

The lawsuit that claims the two organizations committed constructive fraud is still in the early stages.

Neither the LDS church nor the Boy Scouts have responded to the lawsuit filed Monday.

Dumas expects a jury trial within a year.