It's been three long years since Mickey Cote's husband died of heart failure.

She hid his prescriptions in her closet, not ready to throw them out, until the Spokane County Sheriff's Office made it easy and safe to do so Saturday morning.

"And I go 'Okay this is the time,'" said Mickey Cote. "'I'm going to do it now, going to do it today or you'll never do it'. . . I thought it was just time for me now to start with a fresh slate and I need to clean things out," she added.

The sheriff's office and the Drug Enforcement Agency teamed up this weekend to help people properly dispose of unused and expired prescriptions.

"What this does this does it keeps it from becoming a possibility that a bad guy is going to come into the house, take the drugs and sell them on the street or the possibility that kids or someone else gets their hands on them," said Deputy Chris Johnston with the Spokane County Sheriff's Office.

Deputy Johnston said some prescriptions can sell for $20 per pill on the street.

"We enjoy doing this because we would rather take it and make sure it's disposed of properly in lieu of it getting into the wrong hands," he added.

Earlier this year, Johnston collected more than 400 pounds of medication during a 'take back' program.

The drugs are shipped to the DEA and then incinerated. The sheriff's office hopes to have more opportunities for the community to dispose of medications in the next year.