With summer right around the corner it's normal for kids to be bouncing off the walls, and that's just what Larah was doing when we met her at Trampoline Nation in Seattle.

"I can do back flips," she said. "They're my favorite."

Larah is 11 and enjoys school. She also loves animals, and her favorite foods are breakfast and dessert.

"Pancakes and waffles, chocolate ice cream," she told us.

Larah is has a kind heart and is a good friend to those she's closest with. She wants to take that kindness on into adulthood.

"I want to be a nurse, because they help people every time they get sick," she said.

Larah still needs care and attention herself. She's hoping to find stability, direction and love from either a two-parent family or a single mother.

"I want to be an only child," she explained.

As an only child Larah hopes to do lots of fun things that focus on her and her new family.