SPOKANE, Wash. -

The Wellesley Fire was contained Tuesday and is expected to stay in those containment lines. Two homes were destroyed when the fire started Sunday, the loss of one of those homes changing the Landrus family forever.

“My grandfather helped my dad build this house," David Landrus said.

“Didn't have time to pick anything up and go we were just outta here," Karl Landrus said.

A lifetime of family memories and history inside this once 4000 square foot home reduced to rubble.

“It's just so weird to see the whole house was incinerated top to bottom," David said.

Wildfire raced up the hill Sunday destroying more than 250 acres and two houses, but for Karl, his home was also his business.

“I lost all my drawings and my blueprints,” he said.

Karl makes parts for old custom motorcycles and ships his work to clients all over the world.

His wife Karen, a local teacher, was storing her reading curriculum in their home for the summer.

Everything is now gone.

“You never know what tomorrow holds. Just appreciate the moment," Karl said.

While the Wellesley fire is now fully contained, the Landrus family says they're grieving the life they once had, but are standing strong because to caring and generous family and friends.

“We'll recover. It will be some time but we'll recover," Karl said.

The family does have insurance but set up a GoFundMe account to help with items insurance won't cover.