The Spokane County Sheriff's Office is investigating a dead body that was found in the trunk of a car near Spokane International Airport on Wednesday morning.

The Independent Record, a Helena newspaper, reported that the woman found dead in the car was 47-year-old Rita Maze. 

The newspaper also reported the woman was abducted from a gas station near Wolf Creek Tuesday morning around 11 a.m.

Maze was hit on the head by someone, and put in her trunk. The Lewis and Clark County Sheriff's Office said they believe she was killed in Spokane. The Independent Record said police believe they spoke with her shortly before she died. 

No arrests have been made, but LCCS said they have a person of interest. 

Maze was found dead in the trunk of her car near the Spokane airport just after midnight on Wednesday.

According to KXLY sources, the woman was supposed to be driving from Helena to Great Falls, but never made it to her destination.

Local police were called when a plate reader picked up the missing woman's car crossing into Washington on Interstate 90. Spokane law enforcement pinged victim's cell phone and determined it was near Spokane International Airport.

Spokane Sheriff's Deputies found the missing woman's car near the Geiger exit off I-90. Deputies found blood inside of the car and out of concern for the victim, immediately forced open the trunk.

Deputies found the victim dead inside her trunk. The Spokane Police Department used canines in an attempt to track the killer.

FBI officials are expected to lead the investigation into the fatal kidnapping because the murder victim was taken across state lines.