An unusual mystery played out over the weekend when a woman was abducted from her Kennewick home, and held for ransom, only to be found dead two days later along a country road.

A passing driver saw the body Sandra Harris, 69, on the side of Coffin Road, about nine miles south of Kennewick.

Harris was reported missing Friday in an abduction for ransom scheme. Law enforcement negotiated with her kidnapper, and agreed to pay $250,000 in exchange for Harris' release.

Theresa Wiltse showed up to receive the money Friday, and was arrested by Kennewick Police who say the former prison guard confessed to taking part in the abduction.

Authorities say the women knew each other, but their relationship remains unclear.

An autopsy is scheduled for later this week to determine when and how Harris died.

Police say Wiltse may not have acted alone.