SPOKANE, Wash. -

It's going to be hot this week and while turning on the air conditioning can help keep you cool, it does hurt your wallet. There are ways, however, you can minimize the pain.

A good place to start saving is locating and checking your filter. Most of the time it is going to be located on either the left or right side of the unit. Once you find that filter have a look, and if it looks dirty, it is certainly time to change it.

“It's just the way it is,” Doc Holliday, owner of Holliday Heating and Air said. “Everything takes maintenance, and if it has been two or three years since you have had your system looked at have it done. Call a reputable contractor or heating air conditioning guy and make an appointment, have them come out before it gets super hot."

Start the air conditioning unit before the temperatures reach 90 degrees and don't wait until the last minute if there is a problem. We are nearing the very hot part of summer and shops like Holliday's get flooded with calls. It's always best to deal with the problem as soon as you know about it, rather than finding yourself at the end of a long waiting list.

“People get very frustrated when it's hot especially when they can't sleep at night. That is probably the most important part," Holliday said.

You can avoid being frustrated by checking your filter every month; they generally need replacing every six months. You should also find the temperature you want your house to be and stick with it. Don't let your house heat up and then try and cool it; you'll spend less money this way. Finally deal with small problems before they become big ones.