SPOKANE, Wash. -

With 43 convictions under his belt, Christopher Cannata has made a career out of crime, but in court Friday Judge James Triplet decided to cut his career short.

In court Cannata, 44, said he took responsibility for the crimes he's committed, apologizing directly to Celeste Shaw, the owner of Chaps restaurant, a restaurant he was convicted of burglarizing, but said he's never had the opportunity to get treatment for his drug addiction or given the chance to excel.

His attorney also claimed Cannata was sexually abused and an introduction to heroin at a drug treatment center when he was a teen sent him on a downward spiral. The defense added Cannata hasn't been given the chance to prove he's more than the worst thing he's ever done.

Prosecutors, however, described him as a career offender who was arrested on average 23.7 times every time he's not in custody and has not taken advantage of programs to help him with his drug addiction.

Shaw, who was in court, asked for the court to give Cannata the maximum sentence he was eligible for and Judge Triplet, who said while the allegations of cCnnata being abused as a teen are "unacceptable and unfortunate," many other people have been through traumatic experiences and not gone down paths like Cannata's.

Triplet then sentenced Cannata to 27 and a half years in prison followed by seven and a half years of community treatment, telling him this was his last opportunity to turn his life around.