SPOKANE, Wash. -

The suspect in a New Year's Eve double shooting that left one man dead and another wounded has been found not guilty.

A jury has found Shannon Johnson not guilty of the shooting inside the Neighborhood Grocery store, located at 3400 E. Euclid, in Hillyard.

The victims in the shooting, David Lougin and Jason Brown, had seen Johnson earlier in the evening when Lougin was arguing with Johnson over a borrowed gun. Brown attempted to defuse the situation by taking Lougin away from the scene to the grocery store, but Johnson followed the pair and confronted them.

Surveillance video from the store shows Johnson and Lougin going outside and at that moment Johnson pulled out a gun and opened fire on both Lougin and Brown.

Lougin was shot and killed; Brown was shot twice, survived his injuries and testified against Johnson at his trial.

The surveillance video shows Lougin reaching into his pocket moments before Johnson opened fire on him. Johnson's defense attorney claimed during the trial that his client was acting in self-defense because Lougin was reaching for a gun and, according to police, a pistol was later found in his hand.