Being a teenager can be tough, but it can also be fun. This week's Wednesday's Child is a young man just trying to make the most of his situation.

Jeremiah loves to be outside, even on a chilly day.  He especially loves rollerblading, and the color green.

"It might be in my DNA. My favorite color is green, my mom's favorite color is green, my grandma's favorite color is green and all of our eyes are hazel," he told us.

Jeremiah is hoping for a job some day where he can work with his hands.

"I wanna be a mechanic. Have my own business and then pass it down to my kids," he said.

That's far down the road, but right now Jeremiah needs to be a child and have a family to help him reach his goals. He believes he's missing out.

"Like freedoms and affection," he explained.

The make-up of Jeremiah's adopted family isn't as important to him as what it could provide.

"The mom or dad, or two moms or two dads… it doesn't really matter to me. Siblings don't really matter to me," he said.

What does matter to Jeremiah is spending the rest of his childhood years in a home where he is loved and cared for, developing family relationships that will last his whole life.

"Be able to build up trust and stuff," he said. "So I can do more things and people will listen to what I have to say."