Javon likes the usual fifth grade boy things, like football and soccer, but he also has an interest that might surprise you.

"I like math, like fractions,:" he told us.

And the surprises don't stop there.

"I don't like desserts. Well, sometimes I do. I just like vegetables," he said.

But just because he doesn't want to eat dessert doesn't mean he won't make it. Javon says he would love to be a chef some day, and already has a signature dish in mind.

"I was thinking a muffin, and cut out the middle and have melted chocolate inside and put the top back on," he said. It sounds delicious.

Javon is a bright young man with a positive outlook on life and a competitive nature who has a lot to bring to a family. He's spent about half his life in foster care, and really wants a family for life.

"It'd be better for me because usually, I'd have to stay at a home for a long time and I'm thinking 'Why can't I just be there forever?'," he told us.

Javon says he wants to live in an active home that has fun, and is especially looking forward to having a dad.

"I haven't experienced having a dad, and having a real home I can live in forever. Usually kids already have that, but not really foster kids," he said.

For information on adopting Javon, call Northwest Adoption Exchange at 1-800-927-9411.