Deputies in Spokane Valley were faced with an intoxicated vehicle prowling suspect Tuesday morning who, when they escorted him to the ground, attempted to injure himself by rubbing his face into the sidewalk while saying, "all you cops do is grind people's faces in the pavement."

Deputies were responding to an early morning vehicle prowling call in the 9800 block of East 4th Avenue Tuesday and while they were en-route received updated information from a witness who said he'd caught the suspect in his vehicle. That suspect, later identified as 35-year-old Timothy Nelson was walking west on 4th Avenue toward Dishman Mica.

When confronted, Nelson told the witness he was looking for cigarettes.

Authorities later determined he had been inside several vehicles at the location where the witness spotted him.

Deputies caught up with Nelson near 7th and Dishman Mica and found that he was obviously intoxicated and had both fists clenched as if he was holding something. When deputies told him to show them what was in his hands he refused and the deputies decided to go hands on to take him into custody.

With Nelson saying "I don't want to go to jail" the deputies proceeded to apprehend him but, since he resisted their attempts to take him into custody, they escorted him to the ground, where, once he had handcuffs on, he claimed officers grind people's faces into the pavement and proceeded to scrape his face into the sidewalk, receiving a laceration to his forehead for his efforts.

He was taken to the Spokane County Jail, where he was booked on charges of obstructing, resisting arrest and an outstanding warrant for vehicle prowling.