SPOKANE, Wash. -

A man who stabbed a Richland police officer seven times and then shot him twice nearly 32-years-ago will remain behind bars.

Jerry Lain, who has been jailed for the last three decades, was up for parole in 2010 but then-Governor Christine Gregoire exercised a rarely used executive power stopping his parole. Now Governor Jay Inslee has done the same.

In 1982 Lain, 56, was on the run from parole in Iowa. He was caught prowling cars in Richland by Police Officer Mike Fitzpatrick. Initially Lain told Fitzpatrick to shoot him but when the officer got close enough Lain stabbed him multiple times then shot him twice using the officer's own gun.

Fitzpatrick survived the assault and Lain was given a maximum sentence of life in prison. Lain was eligible for parole in 2010 and then again in 2014 and both times his release has been stopped, first by Gregoire and now by Inslee.

State Representative Kevin Parker, who has been working with the Fitzpatricks to block Lain's release, said it was the right choice.

"When you have that kind of violence against a police officer and then while you're in jail for 32 years, 18 different times you've received infractions, there's a definite pattern there and this becomes a safety issue for our community and any community he'd be released into," Parker said.

A psychological report conducted by the state indicated that Lain had a 'moderate to high range" for re-offending if released from prison. However, stating the completion of several rehabilitation programs, the parole board cleared him for release. Lain is currently being held in the Monroe Correctional Complex.

Even though Lain's parole was stopped by the governor he could be looking at another parole date in as early as 18 months.

Fitzpatrick now lives in Spokane.