SPOKANE, Wash. -

Dale Dietrich lost hundreds of sheep in the Yale Road Fire and now says the help he's gotten from the community has been unbelievable.

Dietrich says its amazing the way to community has come forward to help after this tragedy. Nearly two weeks have passed but the damage done by the fire is long from forgotten, a black sheen around his property.

“It's still a little depressing,” he said.

As he saw the fire's approach, he tried everything he could to save his herd, but he lost 300 sheep in a canyon as fire swept through it.

“When you go outside and you see everything, or you go down to the canyon, that'll probably take quite a while to get over that," he said.

He's still grieving the loss, but is appreciative of the support he's received from the community.

“Strangers, total strangers setting things up and getting people involved and its just been a blessing to my wife and I,” he said.

People came by to help Dietrich put up new fencing and donate feed for the sheep that survived.

“We've probably gotten about five, six tons of hay,” he said.

There are even people stopping by to help nurse a dozen or so sheep that were badly burned back to health.

“That's an everyday process so people have been coming out every night and helping me do that," Dietrich said.

Some have even offered up land to help Dietrich through this tough time.

“We've been offered some pastures and some of them we'll probably take the people up on," he said.

Dietrich says the support has made a world of difference after a devastating loss.

“It's really lessened the load of all this,” he added. “Can't say enough thank yous on that.”