Thousands of students and employees are at a loss after ITT Technical Institute announced Tuesday that it will close all of its campuses.

Spokane Valley is home to one of three ITT Tech campuses in Washington.

The effects of the closure are already visible.

What should be a normal Tuesday, with faculty and instructors preparing for class next week, is not. ITT Tech campuses across the county closed abruptly, shocking students and faculty.

After a series of gradual cutbacks, the faculty at the Spokane Valley campus knew some kind of change was coming.

“When the department of education came down a couple Fridays ago and said they were going to cut all funding to new students, that's when we pretty much... I mean the writing's on the wall at that point,” said Bryan Blair.

Blair is one of 8,000 faculty members nationwide who are now without a job. And even he's still not sure what's going on. He found out about the closure today on the news.

“That's the part that really sucks,” said Blair.

Two weeks ago, the Department of Education barred the school from allowing new students to use federal loans to pay for their tuition.

To offer access to federal student loans, schools must be accredited by a government recognized agency. ITT Tech was found to be out of compliance with that standard.

At the Spokane Valley campus, nearly 200 students will be unable to complete what faculty say is a quality education.

“It's actually really good,” said Blair. “Student's get a solid understanding of everything they're going to be doing in the field. They've got a career services department, helping them find jobs... actually it was a really good education.”

Many students are wondering whether or not they'll be refunded for tuition. As of now, no answer has been given.

The Spokane Valley campus building will be open Wednesday during the day for students with questions, or faculty who need to collect belongings.