For months, there has been a struggle to clean up under I-90 in Downtown Spokane as the city's homeless set up camp, but now a unique group thinks they can help.

Friday became trash day for this group of generous volunteers. One, named Conyn, has no problem picking up your discarded cigarette butts. Conyn is homeless.

“Myself,” Conyn paused. “Isn't important, the community is important to me.”

Conyn lives in a shelter, but fellow volunteer Joseph Midner finds shelter elsewhere.

“Cowly park down the street right here, I sleep in the bathroom but off and on outside if it's not raining,” Midner said.

Both Conyn and Midner say their efforts aren't about them, though they'd love for the community see the homeless differently.

“Sometimes people look at the homeless and all they see is garbage, and the homeless are not garbage and when given a chance they will give back,” Conyn said.

Their chance came from the Spokane organization “Change for the Better” that keep the homeless active and involved.

“They love giving back, they love the circle concept of giving back because they're helped out in their time of need and they love to turn around and help out,” Lorelei Kalua, CEO of Change for the Better, said.

Midner brought along his dog called “Little Spark” to help sniff out the trash.

“She's the only thing that I have, I have no kids, no wife or anything like that so she's it,” Midner said.

The duo leaves no trash behind and with the efforts of 25 homeless volunteers 30 bags of trash was collected from the I-90 corridor.

It's humbling work by a group so easily tossed aside.

“Maybe somebody will see me do this and say 'hey you want a job?'” Midner said.

“When we're busy we're feeling good, we're giving back and that's important is giving back,” Conyn said.