SPOKANE, Wash. -

Just hours after purchasing a house in southwest Spokane at an auction last week, Justin Moody was faced with a residential burglary at the home that left roughly $50,000 in damage.

"We've got broken chandeliers, the kitchen, broken granite," Moody said.

Moody is the contractor for ALT Enterprises LLC, the company bought the foreclosed house on Lincoln Way. He said he scoped out the place Friday morning, just hours before it was auctioned off.

"We basically come in do what we can," Moody said. "Check from a window or just see what we can assess of rehab cost if there's going to be any."

Moody adds that at that time it was in great condition. Now fast forward to later that day.

"We got the keys to it at one o'clock, this is what we came into,” he said.

All the damage is minimal, but Moody said it's done in a strategic way so that they have to replace everything, rather than just repair it.

"We have to demo out the old tile, put in new tile, replace the stoves, refrigerators and granite," he said.

There's a sign outside the house that asks anyone with information to contact Spokane Police.

"It's strictly done because of the auction and somebody got jealous," Moody said. "We know it by looking at the house."

The company is also offering a $5,000 reward for anyone who has information that leads to an arrest and conviction. They're also offering an additional $5,000 for any damage recovered.