Spangle, WA -

Fire crews have worked for more than a week to knock down the once raging flames of the Yale Road Fire near Spangle. The fire is officially in the mop-up stage with nearly 100% containment, but the hot spot hunters are out in force.

The Yale Road Fire burned through trees, bush and fields.  It jumped Hangman Creek near the intersection of Valley Chapel Road and Latah Creek Road.  Monday morning, crews were out on the steep, rocky hillside hunting for the hot spots.

"It's a tedious job but someone has to do it," said Bill, a firefighter from Oregon who's been on the fire line since August 24th.

Crews use infra-red sensors to find the threat that can be hidden underground.

"The rocks hold the heat really well," said Bill.

Crews monotonously move from one hot spot to another, armed with a shovel and water.  They dig up the smoldering roots of trees or hot rocks, making sure the threat is extinguished.

Windy weather on Saturday tested the fire lines and showed the firefighters that their hard work will keep those living in the area safe.

Official say neighbors can expect to see smoke rising from the ashes for the next several days and warn people passing through the area to watch out for fire crews and debris that may have fallen on the roadways.