The Hart Road Fire has jumped the Spokane River near Davenport and has now burned an estimated 10,000 acres and more than 20 homes as of late Monday afternoon.

At the Pow Wow grounds in Wellpinit Monday, evacuated families spent the day waiting for word on whether or not they might have homes to go back to once the evacuation orders are lifted.

Kayja Williams and her family evacuated Sunday evening and now they're waiting along with everyone else.

“I didn't know what to think, 'cause you never know what could happen at any time,” Williams said.

The family rushed to the Pow Wow grounds in town and waited for word of what was happening. At first Williams got the word her home was gone.

“I'm just starting to build my house. I'm just building on. I don't even have water yet. So I was scared, I just thought I'd lost everything I'd been building,” she said.

However, after that call came another, the first report a false alarm. While the fire had come close to her property her home was still standing, but Williams understood that doesn't mean she's out of the clear yet.

“It could change any minute. Just could go depending on the wind or anything, it could turn,” she said.

Doyle Gabriel, however, wasn't so lucky, slowly walking in front of his trailer, gesturing with one hand where his bedroom, bathroom, living room and kitchen had been before the fire hit Sunday. It wasn't much, but it was paid for and now it's gone.

“It was just an old trailer … but it was a roof over my head," Gabriel said.

So far the fire has destroyed 14 structures, including Gabriel's trailer, and charred more than 6,000 acres. Fire crews from around the state arrived Monday morning to help.

“We are glad to see you guys," Andrew Stenbeck with the Washington Department of Natural Resources said, acknowledging it would be a tough fight.

“Crews that have been out there have been at it since yesterday afternoon, fairly early," Stenbeck said.

Demands for resources across the state meant a delay in help.

“We're a skeleton crew, we're going to try and hold this fire in place and do some good work today so we can turn it over to a Type II team," Stenbeck said.

The air attack began just before noon with several fire bosses and a heavy tanker attacking the east and west sides of the fire while a helicopter flew right down the middle.

“I think we are handing you a decent fire package for what we were dealt," said Stenbeck.

Gabriel got his own air drop – bottled water – from his neighbors. His home gone, he plans to camp outside Monday night.