SPOKANE, Wash. -

There was a new addition to Hoopfest attire this year: the umbrella.

"Yeah, I know it's a super bummer," said spectator Katherin Pope.

The courts started out wet from early Saturday morning showers and proceeded to get a fresh coat of rain throughout the morning, dampening some spectator's spirits.

"Yeah kinda, I don't like to watch the games as much but the players still seem into it so whatever," said Pope.

And play did go on as scheduled.

"Everybody loves the game so you're gonna play anywhere you can. This is one of the biggest 3 on 3 tournaments, so you're gonna want to play," said Dean Colbray from team IQ Smart Interactive.

Colbray says a wet court changes game play. Lost footing means slower play and slides mean players stepping lightly to avoid injury. There was plenty of both Saturday.

"Small guys like me, I can't penetrate, I can't get that first step on 'em so we gotta switch up our game. Go to post a lot more, a lot more screening, less one on one," said Colbray.

In 2012 Hoopfest had brief showers around noon both days. The wettest Hoopfest was back in 1991 with almost one third of an inch of rain recorded that Saturday.

Saturday officials closed Nike Center Court because of the rain and play was moved to a different location. Some players preferred the rain while others said they'd go for warmer temps.

"If it's hot you're gonna be cramping up sweating, but I mean hot is where it's at, so summertime I'd rather be hot," said Colbray.

If your team lost I guess you could blame it on the rain. If your team won, well it seemed like sunny skies any ways. One thing is for sure, anyone still in town on Monday is going to wish for a little rain when temperatures head into the triple digits.